Liars – TFCF

Release Date: 25th August 2017

The first thing to say is TFCF is short for ‘Theme From Crying Fountain’. Now that’s out the way, here we are with the current incarnation of Liars, one in which only one original member remains, poor ol’ Angus Andrew left at the altar to deal with it all. You see that wedding dress he wears on the album cover? Well, he’s currently wearing it live… you could say he isn’t taking things so well, if it wasn’t for the music that is, because that’s handling something well, even if any sense of order is no longer present.  Continue reading


Metz – Strange Peace

Strange Peace
Release Date:22nd September 2017
Sub Pop

With Metz, the sound of peace is a wall of noise. How… strange. Well, not that strange… a wall of noise is like a blanket for many, it drowns out all the other shit you have to put up with. Waking up… noise, going to sleep… noise, talking to other people… noise, the general daily grind… noise. Yes, noise is a cure, a destination, and Metz know that well.  Continue reading

The National – Sleep Well Beast

The National
Sleep Well Beast
Release Date: 8th September 2017

Now just who is the beast that must sleep well on The National’s new album? Is it the crippling anxiety and depression they sing about? Is it an actual literal beast that has been wreaking havoc around the band as they tried to work on new material? Or is it us, with the new album offered as a way to soothe us into a deep sleep, because, well, it kind of does.  Continue reading

Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence

Nine Inch Nails
Add Violence 
Release Date: 13th October 2017
Caroline International License Internal 

Bands soften over time, it happens. Suddenly the term ‘mature’ is thrown around, which is more of an excuse, more of an insult to those who enjoyed what came before, and typically just sounds tired rather than smart. Not always, but always. It happened to Nine Inch Nails too, Hesitation Marks being some poppy drug free hell for those who kind of relied on those harsh electrical sound-waves Trent Reznor used to push out with ease. The EP series seems to fix what was broken though, and all that was needed was to add violence.  Continue reading

Lee Ranaldo – Electric Trim

Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim
Release Date: 15th September 2017

Lee is free, he has been for some time now. Whilst Thurston plays punk, and Kim plays noise, Lee plays with his soul, putting out poetic sweeping albums which shake off the Sonic Youth flesh each release. Electric Trim is as far removed from  the days of Kool Things as can be, but it’s still pretty cool. It just lost the K kind of cool.  Continue reading

Priests + Downtown Boys – Deaf Institute, Manchester

It was a double bill, two headlines co-joining to make a full night of noise! Downtown Boys and Priests played to the crowd with an equal share of the stage, both offering different forms of energy after London-based support act ‘No Home’ brought her raw energy alone, with just an electric guitar and powerful singing voice to set the mood for the night that was prickling with energy. Ears would twitch and shake at what was to come. Imagine that. A radical double bill, that’s what the Deaf Institute said. Continue reading

Radiohead – Ok Computer Oknotok 1997 2017

OK Computer Oknotok 1997 2017
Release Date: 23rd June 2017

OK Computer is kind of ‘the’ Radiohead album, shifting the sound into new territories for the band and popular music itself. Twenty years ago I was too young to witness its impact, but here we are with a remastered retrospective, containing ‘new’ old tracks for those wanting to be oknotok once more. It’s perfectly fine to feel that way.  Continue reading