The Controversies of Mark Kozelek

mark koz

This is a few random mumblings about nothing much at all. It was going to be somewhere else, but I lost it, forgetting to bother retrieving it from wherever it was it fell. 

A band which has been fortunate to find success will often play to huge crowds, and they will soak up every song they sing, every word they say. The stage provides power, and it’s also the place in which a band should be careful what they say, lest comments made blow up into news stories on the net. Mark Kozelek of folk band Sun Kil Moon would know. He would know all too well. Continue reading


Parquet Courts – Gorilla Manchester

parquet courts

Two years ago felt like such a long time ago. I was recently shown a picture from back then, it was myself and a friend at a Nine Inch Nail concert. It was two years ago, yet I looked about seven years younger. Since then I’ve developed age spots, a balding spot, and love handles. I guess these things are what you expect with age, but two years?! Seriously! I also saw Parquet Courts two years back, and returning to their garage rock sound (think modern day Minutemen) in the live environment was something else. What’s two years? It’s nothing, it’s everything.  Continue reading