The 2016 Warehouse Project Launch Party Feat. M.I.A


For a first timer, the Warehouse Project sounds like an incredibly daunting place to visit. There are stories about evil security stripping and grabbing people’s balls, drug dogs at most corners, and a drug overdoses around all the others. Man, who’d want to deal with all that? Well, I wanted to see M.I.A so I guessed I’d just have to deal with all that. I gripped my balls, told myself not to look any animal in the eyes, and to always be aware, lest a drug fuelled maniac would come and beat me to a pulp. I wasn’t even planning to be on anything at all, yet here I was, full of paranoia because of some internet stories.

Which turned out to be just that. Stories.  Continue reading


Low – Brudenell Social Club Leeds


Hey, I reviewed this merry band less than a year ago for Getintothis! They played the Manchester Cathedral on a cold Autumn night, and what a combo that was. You can read all about it here, and even though I lost my job the day after, it wasn’t Low’s fault, nor did it tarnish the general feelings I had from that time. I captured it in a memory capsule just before it was too late, sometimes you need to be ready to do that. Just clamp the good times down.  Continue reading

Sun Kil Moon – Manchester Royal Northern College of Music


July feels like such a long time ago, yet here I am recounting a few scraps about the Sun Kil Moon show which took place at the Manchester Royal Northern College of Music. For some reason I just can’t let past shows lie, they need to be archived somehow, somewhere. So here it is, Sun Kil Moon, no support, from a few months ago.  Continue reading