Death Grips – Manchester Academy 2


Flashing blue lights and a seemingly endless drone with occasional snippets of muffled conversation and screaming greeted the crowd as they gradually piled into Manchester Academy. It greeted the crowd for two hours in all, with no special guests despite what the tickets said, and no one could be entirely sure if there was going to be a Death Grips show at all. It wouldn’t have been all that strange after all. Continue reading


Swans – O2 Ritz Manchester


Scraps of paper, tape or paint chippings falling from the ceiling, that’s the thing I remember most about seeing Swans at the O2 Ritz in Manchester. It wasn’t such an unusual sight to see these pieces fall into the crowd, coming from the rafters and lighting bars above, but at Swans there was a noticeable amount. I watched them fall as the music hit my ears with full force, I watched as another pointed to them hit the floor, manufactured snowflakes. Noise makes movements, and Swans makes noise. The pieces falling were a display of just how much.  Continue reading