Peaches – Manchester Academy 2


The Rub tour in the UK has been and gone, but my memories of it burn brightly in the back of my mind. I close my eyes and dancing vaginas are what I see. Every time, and I don’t think it’s because I’m a pervert. 

The teaches of Peaches makes us embraces our bodies, our identity, our sexual desires,  with no filter to romanticise or hide what we can really do with our bodies, or how they look. Put sexual empowerment to a dance beat, and you have something which is positive, uplifting, and ideal for making your parents crawl away if they decide to listen in. Unless they already follow the teaches of Peaches that is…

In a live setting, Peaches takes the opportunity to enhance the music through the power of costume and props. A great night would have been guaranteed if Peaches simply took the stage, singing and dancing as one would expect, but singing ‘Rub’ with two dancing vaginas by her side provides something else. Something initially weird, something incredibly fitting, and something forever there, hanging on in the mind to remind you that this did happen.

Each song seemed to come with its own carefully selected attire, from dominatrix gear to flashing neon underwear. Talking about the outfits might take attention away from the music itself, but when it comes to the live Peaches experience, the two are melded together, one without the other would have done injustice to what Peaches is all about. Peaches crawling through an inflatable penis to spray fun foam onto a crowd whilst singing ‘Dick in the Air’ was totally necessary, as was the chained up dominatrix dancing. Yes, totally necessary,


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