Sleigh Bells – Manchester Gorilla

Duh. Duh. Duh. Duh. It’s the iconic Sleigh Bells sound, or at least an attempt at the stop start beats that fuel the noise pop duos punchy guitar licks. Though that ever familiar sound has started to fade, and for everyone living it live at the Manchester show, it was time to dance to a new range of synths. 

A salvaged setlist.

The lovable likes of ‘Tell Em’, ‘Kids’ and ‘Riot Rhythm’ were blasted out by the band with assistance from the beat making laptop, and these were the tracks that set the scene, getting everyone dancing along with Alexis Krauss, who needed that crowd interaction to really feel the mood. As she pushed for everyone to jump and sing, the mood was set, and it was time to bring in the more synth focused material from the latest release, ‘Jessica Rabbit’, onto, and off, the stage.

The music of Jessica Rabbit isn’t as instant as the music from the past, but it works well at providing an extra layer to the bands proceedings, and ‘I Can Only Stare’ is a real pop beauty, with a prolonged moment of dark seductive synths ideal for fantastical dancing. And of course she danced, and of course we danced, and of course it felt like the track had always been there. Whilst the latest release might be a little perplexing on its own, mixed with the rest it makes perfect sense. This is evolution, baby.

When Krauss climbed down from the stage, a fever began, and as she jumped and danced with the fans, it felt like the sort of footage found in one of those music videos, you know the ones. Human interaction, a part of a gig so often missed is a desirable essential with Sleigh Bells, and they have the kicks to make such a thing stick.

And we all know the chorus to ‘Riot Rhythm’ so its easy to interact. ‘Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah’! That’s the stuff.


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