Ty Segall – Ty Segall

Ty Segall
Ty Segall
Release Date: 27th January 2017
Drag City

Another month, another Ty Segall album. This is the second self titled LP, the first being his actual 2008 debut, though there is no significant meaning behind it all. It’s just more Ty, and as he jumps from albums to EPs to side projects throughout the year, who has time to place a title on it all?

For those who may have listened to a Ty Segall album in the past, the latest holds no surprises, offering up another round of garage rock with the occasional soft crooner to keep that adrenaline in check. Like other works from Segall, it’s a real thrill ride on first listen, but again, as with other works from Segall, it starts to flake on repeat listens. With such an intensive level of output, it seems nothing is left on the cutting room floor.

Sometimes its all on point. ‘Break Your Guitar’ is a typically killer opener, and it doesn’t let up till ‘Thank You Mr. K’ pops up with a chorus that sounds like a Hoosiers track. It’s exciting to see some range, but Ty Segall works best with his musical past.

One of the highlights this time is ‘Take Care (To Cut Your Hair)’, which acts as a warning to all those still with hair. Sometimes it makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry, and shows a mature edge that comes through advancing age.

Ty Segall (2017) is the perfect place to start, the perfect place to continue, and the perfect place to stop.


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