No Joy – Creep EP

No Joy
Release Date: 24th February 2017
Grey Market 

Monster noise maker ‘E’ drew No Joy to my sensitive ears, and as the band moved away from such intensity into more playful more faithful noise pop renditions, I carried on following, because I needed something a little softer after ‘E’ blew my hearing out. And so we have Creep, the latest EP, which will crawl through your sockets right into your drums.

At four tracks long they keep it brief, but like last years EP ‘Drool Sucker’ there is a lot to digest in about 12 minutes of noise, pop, rock, new wave, and whatever else has been mixed into the music broth. One sip is all it takes to sink into their fluorescent dread.

One of the surprises this EP round is ‘Tearing Apart The Dark’ which sees the band getting into some sludge fuelled riffs, backed by angsty distorted screaming about something or other that is particularly distressing to the singer, before breaking into a loving shoegaze embrace as if the light has finally made its way through. The combination of old Joy with new Joy allows the band to experiment however they want, whilst still maintaining their trademark noise. Maybe next EP we could get a hip hop beat drowning under the noise rock riffs. Maybe.

Creep might be a little short, Creep might be a little different, Creep might not tear your ears apart, but like most Creeps, Creep is a little interesting, a little daring, maybe even a little, well, creepy. And isn’t that sweet?



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