Migos – Culture

Release Date: 27th January 2017
Quality Control

It can be argued that the three Migos have helped create the culture surrounding hip hop over the last few years now. Dabs and trap (rap done in triple time, it’s clear when you hear) had to grow from somewhere, and so we have Culture, the album from the Migos which digs into it all, asses and all. 

Culture thematically doesn’t stray too far from the gangster rap stories of old, but it’s how it’s all told, as the minimalist electronic beats offer a more sombre atmosphere, and the triplet focused rhythms and lines leads to fresh sounding hooks which have a real pop sensibility about them, ‘Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert’ being a showcase of how big such a combination can be.

And it might be worth talking about how great Bad and Boujee’ actually is. It sounds like a dream, it infects like a disease, the line ‘My bitch is bad and boujee, cooking up dope with a uzi, my niggas is savage, ruthless’ always popping up in the head at the most inappropriate moments.

The album maintains the same atmosphere and styling throughout, never veering too far off course, which provides consistency but sometimes make the whole hog a little bit of a slog, especially when the first half is front loaded with all the hits. A little chopping would lead to a flow as strong as the triplets they spin, but a personal reordering works best as there are no real weak chains within.


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