Blanck Mass – World Eater

World Eater
Blanck Mass
Release Date: 3rd March 2017
Sacred Bones Records

After dealing with flesh, it’s time for Blanck Mass to devour the world, with another series of aggressive dance beats, and this time some soft ones too. The end of the world, it’s all about those mixed emotions. 

Dumb Flesh, the previous album from Blanck Mass, hit hard, throwing the listener into the aggression as the twisted piece of meat they are. World Eater isn’t as brutal, instead greeting the listener with a more relaxed set of synths, perfect to end up in a trance with, though a trance dipped with a level of unease as the aggression is hidden within, pumping through the peace to create a world devoured. Imagine an Orbital album glitching out and you have the sound of World Eater.

It feels more akin to a journey than a club night, with a well-travelled feel thanks to the variety of sounds captured within the albums seven monstrous tracks. ‘Rhesus Negative’ descends into the type of screaming kept alive by shoegaze metal band ‘Deafheaven’, whilst ‘Silent Treatment’ opens to the distant sound of tribal like chanting, two distinct examples which are never at odds with each other. Blanck Mass has molded that dumb flesh from two years ago, and this is the end result; an expansive tale of conflict which welcomes and rejects in equal measure, but ultimately it challenges the listener to embrace it all as one complete musical collage.

Much like the world we already live in, one which has already been eaten whole.


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