Pond – The Weather

The Weather
Release Date: 5th May 2017
Marathon Artists

Today’s weather forecast is also tomorrow’s, yesterday’s and the near future’s. In fact, I feel the forecast won’t change until the disc breaks, for Pond’s The Weather is raining down on me, and I’m simply lying there with my ears overflowing, and my body dripping in synth riddled sweats. That’s what I deserve, what we deserve.

The Weather has a distinct lack of fuzz fuelled guitars, fully embracing the synth pop side the band has been slowly moving towards, and despite how amazing some of those psychedelic guitar freak outs were on ‘Hobo Rocket’, this album doesn’t miss them, and you won’t either. It’s in season to be in synth, but this is a natural landing point for the band, with hook filled oddities buried under thick layers of sound.

And what a sound, like a layer of smog that reveals slow motion dancers in suits, joyfully moving their feet as they grin, a lingering unease underneath it all (or maybe I’ve been watching the excellent music video for ‘Sweep Me Off My Feet‘ on repeat). Tracks can create trance like states, spoofy goofy moments of joy, and moments of great sadness. Often, somehow, some way, simultaneously. It’s a deep pond.

Sometimes the crackle of a radio kicks in, news reports foreboding a ruined future, before the music takes those thoughts and drenches them in a beautiful manic madness. It’s all still there, but now you can dance in slow motion with those men in suits as the world burns.




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