Splashh – Waiting A Lifetime

Waiting a Lifetime
Release Date: 14th April 2017
Cinematic Music Group

All I Wanna Do‘ was the secret summer tune of 2013, a hazy lazy dreamy callback to peaceful days from the past. The rest of the album ‘Comfort’ was a worthwhile listen, but nothing could match the feelings that single track produced. So of course album number 2 had a lot of promise, and here we are, waiting a lifetime for another taste of that sweet cherry. 

But another taste of that nostalgic 90’s sounding gaze can’t be found on Waiting a Lifetime, for the band have instead moved forward to put out a more dance orientated record, seeking a future rather than longing for the past. Guitar focused tracks are still in, but they sound cleaner, leaning on more modern indie sounds, think a more energised Foster The People when ‘Come Back’ desires what the title promises. These moments are solid, but it’s the dance the band sought that makes Waiting a Lifetime worth such a wait.

When the synths kick in the dreams kick in,’Honey and Salt’ taking the listener on a real foot tapping psychedelic journey. Dipping into such territory has added a sense of weight to the breezy sound, offering variety without stumbling, and those lyrics of longing and needing match up oh so well with it all. Nothing reaches the heights of that last summer single, but as a whole, the album has better balance overall. The only time things really teeter is with the twee whistling on the title track.

No one has time for that.



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