Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology

Modern Kosmology
Jane Weaver
Release Date: 18th May 2017
Fire Records

Adding a K to cosmology is a very Donkey Kong thing to do, fitting right in with Krusha, Klump, Krockhead Klamber, and Krocodile Kore. You could almost say Jane Weaver is now part of the DK universe because of such a thing, but then we’re getting a little too far from the kore of it all. A K or a C, space is the place, and the cosmos is where dreams go to shine. 

Dream folk has become dream pop, as Jane Weaver’s music evokes the past (The title track hearkens back to The Beatles druggier days) along with the future, the retrofitted kind with the neon signs and tangled wires. ‘Slow Motion’ is a sci-fi fantasy pop delight, and the names of other tracks creates a fantastical vision. ‘Loops in the Secret Society’ could be the chapter title in a Phillip K. Dick novel, and there we are again with the K’s.

Talking about sci-fi, fantasy, and space suggests an album of general inaccessibility, but the likes of ‘The Lightning Back’ put it up there with the best modern pop has to offer. It’s music to spin yourself in circles too, preferably in a room covered in fluorescent lights for full effect. When you’re on the floor dizzy from it all, the loving lyrics will still be there for you.

Maybe the sounds of Jane Weaver are part of the DK universe, for our own universe isn’t worthy of such synths. Let the vast kosmos take you far away.



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