Slowdive -Slowdive

Release Date: 5th May 2017
Dead Oceans 

Twenty two years have passed. These twenty-two years may not mean all that much for me in the context of music, I’ve simply gone from being five to twenty-seven, but for those living the music scene in the nineties, yes, twenty-two years have passed. Things have changed, and Slowdive are back.

The return sounds like a dream, the same sort of dreams shoegazers were enjoying in the early nineties, continuing on from Pygmalion as if that expanse of time between releases was never much of a thing. The musical minimalism has the ability to rise into something grander when needs be, but restraint is still in play to keep these tracks feeling like they are drifting through the sea of time, rather than transforming into stadium singalong anthems. Pixies might have gone the way of the corn, but this return keeps things playing with a certain level of respect for what the band did, and what they will continue to do.

It’s the lyrics which reveal just how much time has past though, with songs about lost time, songs about what happened in between, and songs that make you wonder just where did it all go. Minimal dreamy weaving music isn’t so uncommon today, with The XX and every other indie band taking to those past stylings, but this lyrical content keeps Slowdive from being lost in the deep-sea, for they aren’t singing so much about youthful yearnings but everything that came after. Only time can bring such a thing.


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