Actress – AZD


Release Date: 13th April 2017
Ninja Tune

Actress gave me a moment a few years back. It was whilst walking in the rain, listening to the track ‘Jardin’ from ‘R.I.P’. The music matched the mood, as if it was raining down from the sky rather than from my earphones, and for a moment, just a moment, what was nothing felt like something. Shoppers carried on rushing under the grey of it all, but I simply stood there, listening and watching raindrops fall in slow motion. Listening to the track afterwards never helped bring some recreation into things, it simply annoyed as it sounded like someone was scratching something through the music. It’s an Actress thing, and AZD provides similar moments.

The music of Actress consists of rather beautiful pieces of electronica, with scratches and other unorthodox sounds layered on top. These ‘glitches’ to the perfection can heighten the feelings on a good day, or simply irritate on a bad one. AZD is packed with these blorps and scratches, but most days are good.

I was sat in a Thailand taxi listening to ‘There’s an Angel in the Shower’ drifting in and out of sleep during it all. It felt like I was experiencing it all again, calmly letting myself fall as a stranger drove me home. I felt if I didn’t wake up, the angel would take me, scratches and all. And when I think back to it all, usually whilst listening to AZD, I start to cry.

Because drifting in and out isn’t so peaceful anymore.

And that isn’t because of those extra layers of noise. They still work for me this time.


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