Melvins – A Walk With Love & Death

A Walk With Love & Death

Release Date: 7th July 2017
Ipecac Recordings 

‘Buying this Melvins record will make you smarter, happier, & more attractive’ is what the sticker on the latest album, A Walk With Love & Death, says to bring you on board. And I must say, yes, I do feel smarter, happier & more attractive. Thanks Melvins!

The Melvins put out albums with the same frequency as The Fall, though recently each release comes with a gimmick to avoid the ‘more of the same’ people like to slap onto bands with respectable work ethics. Last year the band invited a series of bassists so they could name an album ‘Basses Loaded’, and have in the past dealt with covers, small sets, and a stint with the Butthole Surfers. This year it’s a double album, one side being the traditional sludge, the other half being experimental sludge, made for a short film you can’t watch yet. So close your eyes and imagine.

The first half, Death, is typical Melvins, the type that is easy to brush aside, but just as easy to keep close by. It’s solid sludge, with a lot of talk about the feeling of nothing and what’s up you and I. It feeds a habit whilst being accessible enough for those wanting in. Not bad for a band with 20+ releases.

The Love side consists of doodles, like Melvins experimenting in the background whilst a conversation is happening. Worth a few trips, but in this instance, I prefer death over love. Which tends to be the case in most instances. All instances.


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