Queens of the Stone Age – Villains

Queens of the Stone Age
Release Date: 25th August  2017

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age made the album Villains as an album you could dance to, an album you could get groovy to. He even brought Mark Ronson on board, of Uptown Funk fame, to ensure we’d all be dancing. But to keep talking about how your new album is all about dancing, well, it isn’t all that different from saying your next album will be more song based. And besides, Josh, I was already dancing… Continue reading


Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins

Grizzly Bear
Painted Ruins
Release Date: 18th August  2017

In 2017, there seems to be two kinds of pop. You have chart pop, the thumping bumping beats that get any Student Night party started, and then you have dream pop (or art rock if you prefer), the slow wishy-washy sound in the distance, that you might hear on BBC Radio 6, or at a party for yourself and no one else. But aren’t those parties the best? At least with a Grizzly Bear album they are.
Continue reading

LateNightTales – BadBadNotGood

Release Date: 28th July  2017

If you need something to get you through the night or those early morning moments waiting for the dawn to rise, LateNightTales always have you covered. Each release allows a music artist to select the tracks that make up their nights, mixed together so they flow until you’re ready to see a new day, or to drift off into a comfortably numb sleep. Artists from The Flaming Lips to Jon Hopkins have had a go at making your night. This time round we have BadBadNotGood showing us all that, actually, their late night tale is goodgoodnotbad.  Continue reading

Johnny Jewel – Windswept

Johnny Jewel
Release Date: 21st July  2017
Italians Do It Better

Twin Peaks recently returned to television sets around the world, bringing dreams, horror and good cups of coffee to us all once more, over twenty-five years from that cliffhanger. The new series might not be quite the return many were expecting, but one thing it’s nailed is the atmosphere through sound and music.

Johnny Jewel has provided some of his dreamy synths to the show, and Windswept is his collection, some made it, some didn’t, but it all sounds very much like it belongs in the town with a population of 51,201.  Continue reading

Ride – Weather Diaries

Weather Diaries
Release Date: 16th June 2017
Wichita Recordings

I saw Mark Gardener play his acoustic solo set before Thurston Moore a few years past. People politely listened, but it was when brought in a few Ride covers that people really began to listen. You can sing along to Ride, you can feel nostalgic about Ride, and even acoustic the shoegaze numbers sounded fine. At the end of the set he gave a few hints about a possible reunion, and here was are in 2017, with their first album since 1996, Weather Diaries. Continue reading