Johnny Jewel – Windswept

Johnny Jewel
Release Date: 21st July  2017
Italians Do It Better

Twin Peaks recently returned to television sets around the world, bringing dreams, horror and good cups of coffee to us all once more, over twenty-five years from that cliffhanger. The new series might not be quite the return many were expecting, but one thing it’s nailed is the atmosphere through sound and music.

Johnny Jewel has provided some of his dreamy synths to the show, and Windswept is his collection, some made it, some didn’t, but it all sounds very much like it belongs in the town with a population of 51,201. 

Despite only a selection of the tracks making it into the 2017 series, this feels like a complete Twin Peaks soundtrack album, every track perfectly capturing the mysteries, the darkness, the investigations, and the melancholy that comes from the clear theme of time lost for Dale Cooper and everyone else dealing with twenty-five years gone by.

The mix of synths, jazz, and a little dose of pop compliments original Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti’s style perfectly, and the more modern take again helps with that sensation of the old versus new. Despite Chromatics having been around for quite some time, they feel made for Twin Peaks, as if patiently waiting for that moment to come.

The highlight of it all is title track ‘Windswept’. A soft sad jazz instrumental that is used to close out Cooper trapped as Dougie, staring wistfully at a statue of a cowboy pointing his gun, bringing back memories of those FBI days. It captures everything.


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