LateNightTales – BadBadNotGood

Release Date: 28th July  2017

If you need something to get you through the night or those early morning moments waiting for the dawn to rise, LateNightTales always have you covered. Each release allows a music artist to select the tracks that make up their nights, mixed together so they flow until you’re ready to see a new day, or to drift off into a comfortably numb sleep. Artists from The Flaming Lips to Jon Hopkins have had a go at making your night. This time round we have BadBadNotGood showing us all that, actually, their late night tale is goodgoodnotbad. 

Boards of Canada is a popular choice when it comes to what you see on a LateNightTale release, but one thing about BadBadNotGood and their twilight mix is how they aren’t afraid to use those expected names to create that atmosphere. Olson’s 3am vibes are an ideal place to start, so start they have with it, before moving into a whole lot of classic rock n soul, which will fill up the absent parts in your own. Just like that last LateNight.

The familiarity of band choices used well is one thing, but the days of having some noise rock numbers and hip hop rumblings mixed within seem to be long gone. MGMT, and Trentemoller brought some real diversity to their mixes, making the likes of Suicide, and The Black Angels work in the context of the labels concept. With Badbadnotgood, the choices flow well, work well, but it’s another tale we’ve heard before.


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