Downtown Boys – Cost Of Living

Downtown Boys
Cost of Living 
Release Date: 11th August  2017
Sub Pop Records

They said, maybe you said, the rise of Trump would lead to some pretty decent punk rock. So here you go, some pretty decent punk rock. Downtown Boys have given us some politics with our punch with Cost of Living. Plus saxophone.
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LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

LCD Soundsystem 
American Dream 
Release Date: 1st September  2017

Six years after disbanding, here is another LCD Soundsystem album. Though instead of questioning the end and the rebirth, shouldn’t we simply be thankful that we have more dance rock to mope around to? It’s better than having to mope the lack of LCD Soundsystem in our lives, anyway. Right? Right! Continue reading

Melvins – Gorilla, Manchester

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The Melvins three-piece set (alas, only one drum kit this time round) was as no-nonsense as it gets, with no light show thrills, no experimental gimmicks, no back and forth audience banter, and not even an encore to appease those crying out for more. Buzz Osborne with his glorious silver mop locks, Steve McDonald of Red Kross joining in after his own power pop glam-esque support, and Dale Crover on drums for a second time that night, simply chugged away, taking us all to the world of sludge. It’s a dense world down in the noise swamp. Continue reading

Slowdive – Albert Hall, Manchester

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It’s been twenty-four years since Slowdive last played Manchester, but they haven’t been avoiding this fine Northern city, oh no, for the band have been absent from existence for nearly as long. In 2017 they carry the past on their backs, the present held firmly within their hands. At Albert Hall, it was time to fall so slowly into sweet dreams once more. Continue reading