Sleigh Bells – Kid Kruschev

Sleigh Bells
Kid Kruschev
Release Date: 10th November 2017
Torn Clean 

It’s only been about a year since ‘Jessica Rabbit’, the last Sleigh Bells release, but the noise pop duo are all about the mini album now, putting our more regular releases without any of the plastic and red tape that comes from being on a label that isn’t their own. Kid Kruschev is the beginning of a world in which Sleigh Bells will always be knocking at your door, so why not let them in? 

As a mini album Kid Kruschev guts the fatty filler that often accompanies a fully featured album release, allowing the duo to put out fine cuts at a pace that suits them. The iconic style of Sleigh Bells, those crunchy stop start guitar riffs matched with drums on overdrive, are ever-present, though a new sack of synths and lightly political leanings take us on a whole new mini adventure.

The Sleigh Bells party isn’t as wild as it once were, instead opting for more serene moments to ride the noise wave of those stop start guitars. The track ‘Rainmaker’ is a highlight, blending those noise rock stylings with the sounds of new age group Enigma. Those relaxing 90’s synths are in full effect, though unlike Enigma, the sound doesn’t lie on a border between calming and retro porno…

There is a plenty to pull from the seven track release, be it from the experimental genre clashes, or the Russian titles and subtle littering of associated themes and colours within the American made music. False news?


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