The Membranes – Everyone’s Going Triple Acid, Yeah!: The Complete Recordings 1980-1993

The Membranes
Everyone’s Going Triple Acid, Yeah!: The Complete Recordings 1980-1993
Release Date: 28th April 2017
Cherry Red Records

These days The Membranes are busy looking to the stars for their musical inspiration, but here we have an opportunity to look into their past, a time when the classic punk band where looking more to the ground at their feet, a ground covered in shit and slime. No wonder they returned with galaxies in mind. Everyone’s going triple bad acid, yeah, so let’s go for a punk rock ride!

This exhaustive back catalogue showcases a band which most certainly could only have been birthed in Blackpool. Punk rock fundamentals are ever-present, but the variety of experimentation with a carnival of sounds provide a sensation of walking down Blackpool pier, a distinctive Northern tinge. ‘Tatty Seaside Town’ says it all, but ‘Almost China’ drags us straight to the fair.

The journey of The Membranes over thirteen years showcase a band which thrived constructing, and deconstructing their various post punk experiments, pulling inspiration from sources as English as The Fall (they dig repetition in the music too), as American as The Pixies in ‘Big Decision (Slight Return)’ yet always keeping the racket of drums and guitars banging away to the snarled screams of John Robb. And ‘Green and Ghostly Land’? Phew, what a banger!

Only the most hardened of listeners will make it through all five discs of noise in one solid run, it’s easier to take it one disc at a time to avoid frazzling that sensitive brain of yours. Though maybe that’s just what we need, then and now.


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