MGMT – Little Dark Age

Little Dark Age 
Release Date: 9th February 2018

”MGMT, remember them?”, many will say. The psychedelic pop duo have put out a couple of records since 2007’s Oracular Spectacular, but as they moved into weirder territory, few followed. It was a shame, their little dark age, and exactly what the band wanted. But with the new release it’s time to bring everyone back into the fold, those kids and all.

Little Dark Age is MGMT finding balance with their sound. The pop sensibilities they spent so long rejecting are back in full force. The variety of sounds they played with on Congratulations and their self-titled reach a natural conclusion as they fit themselves into our modern age of synth loving. Sometimes they sound a little Ariel Pink, sometimes they sound a little M83, but there is always something MGMT in it all.

She Works Out Too Much‘ is the most joyous album opener of the decade (Okay, I hyperbole), ‘When You Die‘ is the trip you’ll know all the words to purely from obsession, and ‘When You’re Small‘ is the one you sing on the floor. Every track has a spark that takes hold, be it through upbeat cues, psychedelic hues, or self-reflection blues. MGMT always knew how to write pop songs, but an age away making noise fuelled dreams has helped them return to making chunky nuggets without sounding bored with it all.

This is the album for those who went away, for those who never left, for those stuck in their own little dark age. Tslamp.


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