No Age – Snares Like A Haircut

No Age
Snares Like A Haircut 
Release Date: 26th January 2018
Drag City

There is no age like No Age. The noise rock duo make breezy punk pop seem like such a racket, and we thank them for it, we really do. When you have layers of textures and abrasion to deal with, you don’t have to feel a little too old to whine when those ever so slightly emo moments walk on in. You have to dip such things deep.

Snares Like A Haircut has the most accessible material from the band so far, energised bursts of pop punk grinding against the noise rock until one of them comes out on top, and this time it tends to be the uplifting words that make it through. It’s less abstract than 2013’s An Object, though instrumental feedback loops are still present to keep that art streak going. ‘Third Grave Rave’ is a welcome respite from singing along at the top of your lungs. Hey, that’s what pop punk is for, right? If they still made Tony Hawk skateboarding games, perhaps ‘Drippy‘ would get a shot on the set list. I’d skate to that.

No Age exist between bands such as Green Day and Sonic Youth, never fitting neatly in with one or the other, but that’s fine. Their hybrid sound is what makes them consistently refreshing, and whichever direction they lean further into, they still maintain a unique vision with their DIY ethics. Fans from both sides have a chance to stumble into this age, and like Spice Girls once said, 2 become 1. Right?


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