Ought – Room Inside The World

Room Inside The World 
Release Date: 16th February 2018
Merge Records 

Textures and layers, let them keep building until you can no longer breathe. Let them take over so you can no longer scream. 2018 seems to be the year of bands pushing for more in terms of sound, Ought being the latest victim of wrapping themselves in a soft duvet to quieten the voices that get the heart bursting. I guess Tim Darcy can sing just as well in bed, in this room inside the world.

In the past the easiest way to lay the world of Ought down for those who don’t know was by saying, ‘Sonic Youth meets Talking Heads‘, it was an easy combination comparison to make. With the latest, those noise rock laden sounds are dead, there are softer notes at play, to the point that you can now say ‘The Smiths meets Talking Heads’. Or U2, but let’s try to keep those comparisons feeling a little cool.

Anxiety ridden lyrics are still at play, but they’re now wrapped in melancholy rock epics, ‘Desire‘ being one particular trip into peaks and troughs of the rock n roll world. It’s hard to relate when everything feels so densely packed, but it’s easy to forget that even the debut ‘More Than Any Other Day‘ wasn’t the easiest album to live within. You could freak to that, you can sway to this, there just playing a different kind of anxiety. One not so wild, but maybe with a little more to grip.

That’s the kind of room you need in 2018.


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