Preoccupations – New Material

New Material

Release Date: 23rd March 2018

Preoccupations (previously known as the slightly offensive Viet Cong) are back at it again, with a new set of tunes to mope along to. It’s a new year, new works, new material, but still the same Preoccupations you know and love! Isn’t that the best kind of new?

Much like the album ‘Preoccupations’ the band like to keep naming conventions straight forward. One word track titles are still the ‘in’ thing, and this time we get to listen to the likes of ‘Disarray‘, ‘Doubt; and ‘Solace‘ rather than ‘Anxiety‘, ‘Fever‘ and ‘Stimulation‘, though one could certainly do with a little more to stimulate to. There is a set direction this band sticks to, and it’s not just in the naming.

The whole moody Joy Division thing they have going for them is still pretty neat. Though the guitars seem to fade out into the distance each time a new album crops up, leaving less clashes of noise to really get the panicked emotions stirring, leaving less of an identity to really make you say their name to anyone who will listen.

Instead we’re left with songs which seem to push the idea by repeating the track title again and again until you start to feel it, or not feel it as you wait for them to say something about decomposing you can totally relate with. It worked last time, it still might work this time if you’re new around here, but for the diehards, this new material feels pretty old.


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