Flat Worms – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Another night at Manchester Soup Kitchen, another garage rock sounding band to enjoy, not like I’m complaining, I love them! They’re making the grimey Soup Kitchen the place to be, overtaking the Manchester Gorilla basement as the place for bands to make ears bleed. Though after going temporarily deaf at Metz, I was ear plugged up for Flat Worms. Of course the sound bled through, just like what these worms can do. 

The three-piece is a bit of a garage rock super band, featuring Will Ivy (Dream Boys), Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby) and Tim Hellman (Thee Oh Sees). The three combine to make Flat Worms, a band which sounds like all the above bracketed rackets, furious punk rock with that deadpan voice like they just don’t care. Though when you see the craftsmanship on display, of course they care. They care very much.

As they blasted through the debut album, the only thing they have to pull from, they played it with gusto, fast and furious, even despite all the technical issues they had to deal with regarding loose plugs and pedals. Because of this sometimes the guitar was temporarily lost against the bass and drums, but it was just a minor hitch, they never had to stop and start, it was a car with  bust pedals, racing through the night. From ‘Motorbike‘ to ‘Red Hot Sand‘ they never let up.

Flat Worms are playing in an already bustling scene, and whilst you could mix the noise in with other acts, who would know?, it’s the lyrics that make them rise up from the flat stage they stand upon. ‘Pearl‘ is the punk rock number even my Mum has found herself singing along to (she would have stood at the back and daydreamed about home if she went to the actual show, but…), and ‘Question‘ with it’s repetitive line of ‘What do I do with that?’ is the garage rock hit of 2017. If you’re lips don’t move to that, then what do I do with that?

And even with ear plugs I still couldn’t hear right the next day. Clearly they’d wormed their way through.


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