Body/Head – The Switch

The Switch 
Release Date:  13th July  2018

What’s that drilling sound coming from the bedroom? Oh, it’s only the new Body/Head record, because that’s exactly the kind of band I like to play when I lie in bed and dream of effects pedals.There is true comfort to be found in noise, though for anyone outside it, all they can hear is a heavy diy tool session. And all they can feel is a headache coming on. And all they can know is that Body/Head bedroom time is my time. Keep that door closed.

It’s been quite some time since Sonic Youth split, and each member went off to do their own thing, each taking with them the part they added to that once Kool whole. Kim Gordon was all about the avant-garde, treating each music project as one of her art pieces, rather than rocking licks with gnarly hooks to sing along to, though you can still try, I certainly do. With budding noise maker Bill Nace, the two make up Body/Head, and The Switch is a continuation of their two guitars and not much else approach to making unnerving energy.

Whilst the debut album ‘Coming Apart’ was about just that, ‘The Switch’ has everything together, tightly packed into a vacuum. It demands the listener to embrace a dark brooding world which reflects our own, the visceral noise bouncing back and forth so you can feel such a space, belong in such a place. The shifts are the switch, pressed only after the drones become unruly. Click. 


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