Bikini Kill – The Singles

Bikini Kill
The Singles 
Release Date:  28th September 2018
Bikini Kill

One of my most thrilling musical moments thus far in my life (29 and I think I’m doing fine) was most certainly the time when I went to see The Julie Ruin. The show was a lot of fun, they always are, but the encore was killer, with Kathleen Hanna playing her Bikini Kill hit ‘Rebel Girl’ to a packed basement which stunk faintly (for memories are that) of sweat. It’s the Riot Grrrl anthem, and to hear it live, well it gets you marching on for quite some time, I might even have cried. And for those who weren’t there, at the gig, or back in 1993, well, here are The Singles, re-released so you can find yr riot grrrl roots.

One thing that most be noted when it comes to ‘The Singles’ is that it is just that, and not a Best Of compilation for easy access to the bands choice cuts. Instead it’s three 45s stapled together. It’s a short high voltage charge, a full frontal attack, and the likes of ‘Rebel Girl’, ‘I Like Fucking’, and, well, every single track on this compilation, have so much to say in regards to then. And also now… revolutions take time, but at the same time, revolution girl style now!

There are 30 second doodles, and playful moments such as the ‘Miss Mary Mack’ rhyme on ‘DemiRep‘ which land on the ‘kind of weird side’ for some, but they’re the moments that deliver the message in full before Bikini Kill them all.



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