Deafheaven – Gorilla, Manchester

”Deaf Havana, I know that band!”  ”Deaf Havana, I’m not so hot on them.”

This tends to be the case when I talk up these guys.

And now we’re in October, my first gig at 29. A night packed with ordinary corrupt human love.  Continue reading


Iceage – Gorilla, Manchester

Hello September. This was my last gig at 28, an ex-colleague even came along for the ride. He went in blind, I went in Beyondless. Lead vocalist Elias Bender Ronnenfelt had quite a presence up on stage, sweating, leaning as if to fall from the stage at any moment, and letting the fans wrap their arms around his as he did so. People were climbing over one another to catch the sweat of his brow, and I wonder who was the most in love with that mumble  and Ian Curtis get up. Maybe Elias himself. Definitely Elias himself.  Continue reading

Lightning Bolt – Jimmy’s, Manchester

Here’s another gig from what seems like an eternity ago. Noise rock duo Lightning Bolt played an intimate set at the sweat inducing Jimmy’s in Manchester, for only £5, with a free beer and lighter thrown in, just in case that price still seemed to be a bit on the high side of things. I missed out on getting a ticket of course, for who would say no to such a deal (though I know a few who would have made sure to stay a certain distance from the venue after I let them listen to the band when questioned).

Thankfully the world is full of kind souls, and I ended up with someone’s spare, at the cost of a drink. It would have been nice to meet up again, I think we even talked about such things, after the noise subsided, but I’m terrible at getting back to people. Not out of forgetting, not out of not wanting to, but just out of my general anxious temperament when it comes to trying to form connections with the human race. I try to make music such as Lightning Bolt my antidote, hoping the intense display of drum and bass (of a certain kind) will surge through my body and into my mind, giving me a little of the power they share through live performance.

Alas, I think I’d have to be struck by lightning to change anything that deeply rooted inside.

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Ariel Pink – Gorilla, Manchester

Wednesday 15th August, quite some time ago, right? That night I went to see Ariel Pink at Manchester Gorilla, even brought a friend along, which is always better than when I forget to do so. I remember getting a notification in the morning from that super dangerous Dice app telling me they had an extra ticket available. I took a gamble, so I wouldn’t have to go alone, I remember a friend telling me they were sad the whole thing was sold out, so it was a safe gamble, for a change.

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Screaming Females – Band On The Wall, Manchester

It wasn’t so long ago that I last saw this band, it wasn’t so long at all. Back then they did their thing, and did it well, and this time they did it all again. I even got right to the front, rather than to the side, which was real exciting, believe me, believe me not. And so, here are some slightly irrelevant moments regarding one’s experiencing at a live Screaming Females gig in September.  Continue reading

Portico Quartet – Gorilla, Manchester

The basement of Gorilla has always been my go to for punk rock shows. From The Julie Ruin to Pissed Jeans, I’ve seen them all. Portico Quartet at the Gorilla was certainly a different vibe than I’m used to down there. I know the venue doesn’t just play noise rock numbers, but to see a different style in a place the mind has built as the haven for head banging and mosh pit bruisers, it’s kind of strange. Like how an assembly hall at school can be transformed into an end of year disco.

Never has a basement been so chilled to sweat within.  Continue reading