Transformer – Manchester Victoria Warehouse

May feels like quite some time ago now, but the memories of Transformer still burn fairly brightly in my mind. Like a candle half way through bright. A full day of music from musicians heavily influenced by Lou Reed, hence the name Transformer, and not a full day of music from musicians heavily influenced by robots in disguise. Though wouldn’t that be something? Continue reading


Run The Jewels – Manchester Albert Hall

RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! RTJ! Run the Jewels makes for an abbreviation so easy to chant, and there they were, live at the garden Albert Hall Manchester, taking in all those chants as they danced on out to ‘We Are The Champions’. It was enough to fuel anyone’s fire, and when the rapping began, well, that fire was bright. And you can’t front on that.  Continue reading

Car Seat Headrest – Manchester Gorilla

Car Seat Headrest (‘I have one of them in my car!’ says everyone when brought up) released a fairly decent rock album last year, somehow crawling to the top of Channel Audio’s albums of 2016, and now we have the tour, Manchester Gorilla being just one of the many stops. It was a fairly decent rock show, I guess.  Continue reading

Sleigh Bells – Manchester Gorilla

Duh. Duh. Duh. Duh. It’s the iconic Sleigh Bells sound, or at least an attempt at the stop start beats that fuel the noise pop duos punchy guitar licks. Though that ever familiar sound has started to fade, and for everyone living it live at the Manchester show, it was time to dance to a new range of synths.  Continue reading

The Flaming Lips – Manchester Academy

The show starts, and the giant balloons fall from the sky, bouncing from body to body, hitting the curtain of LED lights the band stand behind. Yes, it’s The Flaming Lips and the ‘There Should Be Unicorns’ tour is an insight into what they see, every single day of the week.  Continue reading

The Julie Ruin – Gorilla, Manchester


Those familiar with the riot grrrl movement started in the early 90’s will most likely be familiar with Kathleen Hanna and her bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre. After a long absence, explained in the excellent documentary ‘The Punk Singer’, she’s recently returned with a new band ‘The Julie Ruin’ (not to be confused with an early solo project called ‘Julie Ruin’) and the last few years she’s been taking her new band from state to state, country to country, showing us all that the movement is far from dead, but stronger than ever. Being a stuck in the North kind of person, it took me till December to finally experience it all firsthand… Continue reading

Lush – Manchester Academy


In 2016, Lush, not the soap shop, reunited to play a series of live shows, with Manchester set to be the first in April. Unfortunately this show was delayed, and the Manchester show in November ended up becoming the last show, with bassist Phil King (pictured above, to the left, the far left) already long gone. Hello Lush, goodbye Lush, sweetness and light never lasts long. Continue reading