Thurston Moore – Cease Fire (Radio Edit)

With Rock N Roll Consciousness, the new album from Thurston Moore, on the way, new noise induced music has been trickling out onto the net, and ‘Cease Fire’ is a freebie single anyone can download if you so choose. You just have to click here, or go elsewhere if you want to throw some cash down for some post-Sonic Youth peace and love.

I heard this song nearly two years ago, at Thurston Moore’s live show at The Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. It was a tour to promote his latest release ‘The Best Day’, but he already had some new numbers ready to play, for a new album that would be out, um, pretty soon.

‘Turn On’, ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Cease Fire’ were the new noise, and they still are the new noise nearly two years later, as Rock N Roll Consciousness finally rears its noise rock head. Though ‘Cease Fire’ is no longer attached to the album, simply a lone single, wandering around the internet, waiting to fill ears with that good old Thurston sound.

Good old Thurston sound is the best way to describe the single, as it sounds like it could have been pulled right out of the 2013 album Chelsea Light Moving, offering punchy noise punk riffs with political peace seeking commands. Its heart is in the right place, its sound is in the best place, and if this radio edit actually found itself on the radio, then maybe the world would drop their guns and listen to this instead. A bit like when Van Halen play to Israel in South Park.

Can’t you see the kids are wired?