Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On

Yo La Tengo
There’s A Riot Going On

Release Date: 16th March 2018
Matador Records 

There’s a riot going on, but it isn’t happening on the latest from Yo La Tengo. All that violence, shouting, general chaos, that’s happening someplace else, and no one wants to hear that. Instead, Yo La Tengo offer a quiet noise, one which buffers out all the mess in our day to day. ‘Dream Dream Away‘ to this one.  Continue reading


Preoccupations – New Material

New Material

Release Date: 23rd March 2018

Preoccupations (previously known as the slightly offensive Viet Cong) are back at it again, with a new set of tunes to mope along to. It’s a new year, new works, new material, but still the same Preoccupations you know and love! Isn’t that the best kind of new?
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Anna Von Hausswolff – Dead Magic

Anna Von Hausswolff 
Dead Magic 
Release Date: 2nd March 2018
City Slang 

Anna Von Hausswolff’s last album ‘The Miraculous‘ was everything the title said it would be, bringing uplifting gothic noise pop to all who would stumble her way. But that album was merely a moment, a pop oddity to lure new listeners into the world of Von Hausswolff, and what she’s really all about. Dead magic, that’s where she likes to dabble.
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Ought – Room Inside The World

Room Inside The World 
Release Date: 16th February 2018
Merge Records 

Textures and layers, let them keep building until you can no longer breathe. Let them take over so you can no longer scream. 2018 seems to be the year of bands pushing for more in terms of sound, Ought being the latest victim of wrapping themselves in a soft duvet to quieten the voices that get the heart bursting. I guess Tim Darcy can sing just as well in bed, in this room inside the world.
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Screaming Females – All At Once

Screaming Females
All At Once
Release Date: 23rd February 2018 Don Giovanni Records

All At Once is an aptly named release from indie rockers Screaming Females, building on seven albums worth of sonic sounds to thrash and burn to. All at once you can enjoy the ballads, the rockers, the freak outs, and the speak outs. All at once you can work all your emotions as they do, for after twelve years of album releases, they sound more charged than ever. You may laugh, you may cry, you’ll most certainly scream. And for all that listen, we will do it… all at once. Too much?
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Fever Ray – Plunge

Fever Ray
Release Date: 23rd February 2018 (physical)
Rabid Records

Plunge has been a thing since 2017, but digital doesn’t do it for me, I’m old-fashioned and need something physical. To sit and listen to the plastic you’ve unwrapped makes you really take time to try to appreciate things, you know? And with this latest Fever Ray release, there is a real need to feel. So let’s get physical, baby, let’s get real and really feel.

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No Age – Snares Like A Haircut

No Age
Snares Like A Haircut 
Release Date: 26th January 2018
Drag City

There is no age like No Age. The noise rock duo make breezy punk pop seem like such a racket, and we thank them for it, we really do. When you have layers of textures and abrasion to deal with, you don’t have to feel a little too old to whine when those ever so slightly emo moments walk on in. You have to dip such things deep.
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