The Flaming Lips – Seeing The Unseeable: Complete Studio Recordings Of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990

The Flaming Lips
Seeing The Unseeable: Complete Studio Recordings Of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990
Release Date: 29th June 2018 

2018 has been a year of reminiscence for The Flaming Lips, with the band digging up the 80’s, which is what everyone else does anyway, so why not Wayne Coyne and co? Seeing the Unseeable, or reissuing the out of print, that’s what we have here, four albums, two demo discs, one group of punk rockers on acid.


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Low – Double Negative

Double Negative
Release Date: 14th September 2018 
Sub Pop

When my mum came over with ts latest Low release, Double Negative, for I sometimes end up with my post arriving back home, I put it on straight away. Of course, who wouldn’t do such a thing? There has always been a mild (hyperbole but…) interest in Low for her So it wasn’t entirely a selfish action to have some slowcore playing over coffee and catchup. Though as opening track ‘Quorum played out she stopped and turned to me with a look of concern. ‘Is it broken?’ And I guess all I could say was ‘Yes, yes it is.’ And it is. And it’s not.  Continue reading

Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

Kurt Vile
Bottle It In
Release Date: 12th October 2018
Matador Records

I’d say out of all the artists I listen to, Kurt Vile is my favourite ‘boring; choice. Chilled out, droning slacker vibes are always in, never out, and its nice to lie back and listen to something which so confidently sticks to a sound that is distinctly Kurt Vile, but never anything but a constant hitmaker of laid back kicks that all sound exactly the same if you don’t pay much attention to the words which are often mumbles somewhere in the back. It’s always a pretty daze with Kurt, but that’s because he’s being bottling a whole heap within that head of wonderful hair of his. And so, ‘Bottle It In’ is a little more awake than I’m used to from Mr. Vile. Maybe I need to find a new ‘boring’ band to fill that gap…
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Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts

Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts
Release Date: 28th September 2018 (physical)

Kanye West may have gone off the deep end recently… okay he went off that way a long time ago, but the ‘Kids See Ghosts’ project with Kid Cudi shows that when surrounded by friends, he does alright when it’s not all about him. Keep him in check alright, Cudi, now he’s distancing himself from saying insane things like how  slavery was a choice, or going on rants that even Trump himself can’t deal with. Keep him working on things like ‘Kids See Ghosts”, because ‘Kids See Ghosts’ has the real Yeezus living within it, singing with friends, rather than ranting about killing someone or bipolar being his superpower . Maybe he split in two and this is spirit ye trying to reach out to us?

Not as dumb an idea as the things he likes to say when he wakes up each and every day…
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Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt

And Nothing Hurt
Release Date: 7th September 2018
Bella Union 

After spending so much time floating in space, it feels as if, as long as we continue to listen to Spiritualized records, we’ll never touch the ground again. And that’s true. And nothing hurt. The feelings we had for such pain scraped off as we brushed past all those stars.

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Bikini Kill – The Singles

Bikini Kill
The Singles 
Release Date:  28th September 2018
Bikini Kill

One of my most thrilling musical moments thus far in my life (29 and I think I’m doing fine) was most certainly the time when I went to see The Julie Ruin. The show was a lot of fun, they always are, but the encore was killer, with Kathleen Hanna playing her Bikini Kill hit ‘Rebel Girl’ to a packed basement which stunk faintly (for memories are that) of sweat. It’s the Riot Grrrl anthem, and to hear it live, well it gets you marching on for quite some time, I might even have cried. And for those who weren’t there, at the gig, or back in 1993, well, here are The Singles, re-released so you can find yr riot grrrl roots.
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Mudhoney – Digital Garbage

Digital Garbage 
Release Date:  28th September 2018
Sub Pop

As Alice In Chains stick to the past with ‘Rainer Fog‘, that other grunge band still alive in 2018, Mudhoney, embraces the present in its entirety. A lot has changed since those flannel shirt days, and now we’re all living in digital garbage, listening to Digital Garbage. Embracing digital garbage?  Continue reading