Channel Audio’s Albums of 2017

Give yourself a headache with these ten albums, let the sounds of 2017 burst your drums, then lie deaf to the world. It’s easier to cope, it’s harder to mope. Trust me, it was worth every last pop.

10. Kendrick Lamar – Damn.

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Audio Elsewhere 2017

Sometimes I’m just not here, I’m over there. To your right. Hi there!

And in 2017 I wasn’t over there all that much, but here we are, a few links to over musical bits and pieces. But remember this, no one ever remembers the journalist.

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Lee Ranaldo – Electric Trim

Lee Ranaldo
Electric Trim
Release Date: 15th September 2017

Lee is free, he has been for some time now. Whilst Thurston plays punk, and Kim plays noise, Lee plays with his soul, putting out poetic sweeping albums which shake off the Sonic Youth flesh each release. Electric Trim is as far removed from  the days of Kool Things as can be, but it’s still pretty cool. It just lost the K kind of cool.  Continue reading

Lee Ranaldo & El Rayo – Leeds Belgrave Music Hall


Lee is free, (he’s been free for nearly ten years now, but it’s always a worthwhile reference), and he’s currently putting together his new album with El Rayo, Electric Rim. No one seems to have any idea when it will actually be out, not even Lee himself, but in November he toured it all anyway. Continue reading