Portico Quartet – Gorilla, Manchester

The basement of Gorilla has always been my go to for punk rock shows. From The Julie Ruin to Pissed Jeans, I’ve seen them all. Portico Quartet at the Gorilla was certainly a different vibe than I’m used to down there. I know the venue doesn’t just play noise rock numbers, but to see a different style in a place the mind has built as the haven for head banging and mosh pit bruisers, it’s kind of strange. Like how an assembly hall at school can be transformed into an end of year disco.

Never has a basement been so chilled to sweat within.  Continue reading


Flat Worms – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

Another night at Manchester Soup Kitchen, another garage rock sounding band to enjoy, not like I’m complaining, I love them! They’re making the grimey Soup Kitchen the place to be, overtaking the Manchester Gorilla basement as the place for bands to make ears bleed. Though after going temporarily deaf at Metz, I was ear plugged up for Flat Worms. Of course the sound bled through, just like what these worms can do.  Continue reading

Screaming Females – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

A few years ago, April 21st 2015 let’s be exact, Screaming Females rocked out at the tiny Roadhouse shortly before the place closed its doors for good. My friend’s band was supporting much to my surprise (to the surprise of many), The Slovaks. They even thought I’d come out especially for them, which was kind of cute. The Screaming Females played to a rather small crowd, but the guitar feedback filled any gaps in the room. They were crunchy.

At the end of the set, a friend said to me ‘they’re good, but not as good as I thought they would be.’ I dismissed it at that point, but later I was kind of coming to the same conclusion. Screaming Females have stories about how wild they are as a live set, playing on top of tables, in the midst of crowds, right up there in your face. The Roadhouse is small, but they kept the stage, no antics on display. So of course, three years later, I had to go see them again at the Soup Kitchen, another chance for the basement dwelling legends to come forth.

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Lush – Manchester Academy


In 2016, Lush, not the soap shop, reunited to play a series of live shows, with Manchester set to be the first in April. Unfortunately this show was delayed, and the Manchester show in November ended up becoming the last show, with bassist Phil King (pictured above, to the left, the far left) already long gone. Hello Lush, goodbye Lush, sweetness and light never lasts long. Continue reading

The 2016 Warehouse Project Launch Party Feat. M.I.A


For a first timer, the Warehouse Project sounds like an incredibly daunting place to visit. There are stories about evil security stripping and grabbing people’s balls, drug dogs at most corners, and a drug overdoses around all the others. Man, who’d want to deal with all that? Well, I wanted to see M.I.A so I guessed I’d just have to deal with all that. I gripped my balls, told myself not to look any animal in the eyes, and to always be aware, lest a drug fuelled maniac would come and beat me to a pulp. I wasn’t even planning to be on anything at all, yet here I was, full of paranoia because of some internet stories.

Which turned out to be just that. Stories.  Continue reading