The Flaming Lips – Manchester Academy

The show starts, and the giant balloons fall from the sky, bouncing from body to body, hitting the curtain of LED lights the band stand behind. Yes, it’s The Flaming Lips and the ‘There Should Be Unicorns’ tour is an insight into what they see, every single day of the week.  Continue reading


Lush – Manchester Academy


In 2016, Lush, not the soap shop, reunited to play a series of live shows, with Manchester set to be the first in April. Unfortunately this show was delayed, and the Manchester show in November ended up becoming the last show, with bassist Phil King (pictured above, to the left, the far left) already long gone. Hello Lush, goodbye Lush, sweetness and light never lasts long. Continue reading

Death Grips – Manchester Academy 2


Flashing blue lights and a seemingly endless drone with occasional snippets of muffled conversation and screaming greeted the crowd as they gradually piled into Manchester Academy. It greeted the crowd for two hours in all, with no special guests despite what the tickets said, and no one could be entirely sure if there was going to be a Death Grips show at all. It wouldn’t have been all that strange after all. Continue reading