Melvins – Gorilla, Manchester

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The Melvins three-piece set (alas, only one drum kit this time round) was as no-nonsense as it gets, with no light show thrills, no experimental gimmicks, no back and forth audience banter, and not even an encore to appease those crying out for more. Buzz Osborne with his glorious silver mop locks, Steve McDonald of Red Kross joining in after his own power pop glam-esque support, and Dale Crover on drums for a second time that night, simply chugged away, taking us all to the world of sludge. It’s a dense world down in the noise swamp. Continue reading


Melvins – A Walk With Love & Death

A Walk With Love & Death

Release Date: 7th Julyl 2017
Ipecac RecordingsĀ 

‘Buying this Melvins record will make you smarter, happier, & more attractive’ is what the sticker on the latest album, A Walk With Love & Death, says to bring you on board. And I must say, yes, I do feel smarter, happier & more attractive. Thanks Melvins! Continue reading