Deafheaven – Gorilla, Manchester

”Deaf Havana, I know that band!”  ”Deaf Havana, I’m not so hot on them.”

This tends to be the case when I talk up these guys.

And now we’re in October, my first gig at 29. A night packed with ordinary corrupt human love.  Continue reading


Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Release Date: 13th July 2018

Deafheaven are my number one screaming band, or snarling band, for its hard to really say screaming when whatever they’re going on about on ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’ finds itself trapped behind a soothing wave of shoegaze. The lyrics just come out like tissues left in jeans after a good clean in a washing machine. I’m sure they’re deep, because the rest of the music suggests such a thing. And that’s why I like them. The screaming snarling Sigur Ros.  Continue reading

Lush – Manchester Academy


In 2016, Lush, not the soap shop, reunited to play a series of live shows, with Manchester set to be the first in April. Unfortunately this show was delayed, and the Manchester show in November ended up becoming the last show, with bassist Phil King (pictured above, to the left, the far left) already long gone. Hello Lush, goodbye Lush, sweetness and light never lasts long. Continue reading