Channel Audio’s Albums of 2017

Give yourself a headache with these ten albums, let the sounds of 2017 burst your drums, then lie deaf to the world. It’s easier to cope, it’s harder to mope. Trust me, it was worth every last pop.

10. Kendrick Lamar – Damn.

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Jesu/Sun Kil Moon – 30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth

30 Seconds To The Decline Of Planet Earth
jesu/Sun Kil Moon 
Release Date: 4th May 2017
Caldo Verde

A double album just wasn’t enough for Mark Kozelek this year, he simply has too much on his mind to keep it all in, and so here we have album number two from Sun Kil Moon in 2017, bringing Jesu along for another melancholy ride.  Continue reading

Sun Kil Moon – Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
Sun Kil Moon
Release Date: 24th February 2017
Caldo Verde

Mark Kozelek has been enjoying a creative writing splurge in recent years, putting out Sun Kil Moon and solo projects each year. For 2017 we have two Sun Kil Moon albums, with the first, ‘Common as Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood’ (phew) being a two-hour plus monster! (double phew)
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Channel Audio’s Albums of 2016

Previously for your viewing on Channel Static, the top ten albums of the year has now moved on to here. It’s taken so long because it got lost in a box on the removals van.

I’ll take any excuse.

10. Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression


‘I’m nothing but my name’ is something Iggy Pop likes to say, and thus Post Pop Depression was born. It’s an album about legacy, about sex, and about death, with Josh Homme bringing his sludgy Queens riffs to the party. Sometimes a sense of vulnerability can be heard, but before you can scoop it up, he’s back to ranting, to screaming, to throwing his guts against the wall.

Music for those who don’t know who Iggy Azalea is.

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Sun Kil Moon – Manchester Royal Northern College of Music


July feels like such a long time ago, yet here I am recounting a few scraps about the Sun Kil Moon show which took place at the Manchester Royal Northern College of Music. For some reason I just can’t let past shows lie, they need to be archived somehow, somewhere. So here it is, Sun Kil Moon, no support, from a few months ago.  Continue reading

The Controversies of Mark Kozelek

mark koz

This is a few random mumblings about nothing much at all. It was going to be somewhere else, but I lost it, forgetting to bother retrieving it from wherever it was it fell. 

A band which has been fortunate to find success will often play to huge crowds, and they will soak up every song they sing, every word they say. The stage provides power, and it’s also the place in which a band should be careful what they say, lest comments made blow up into news stories on the net. Mark Kozelek of folk band Sun Kil Moon would know. He would know all too well. Continue reading